Nashville Recap: Highlights of the CMT Awards

The CMT Awards are the country version of the Video Music Awards. So, it happened two days ago, right in the beautiful Nashville. The show started with a beautiful tribute to the late Gregg Allman, who sadly passed this year, on May 27, due to complications with liver cancer. Jason Aldean, Darius Rucker and Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum performed a version of the song “Silver Dollar” in honor of the legend’s career and his influence on country music.

The stars brought the heat on the stage

Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Kellie Pickler, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Blake Shelton, Florida Georgia Line, Charles Eston and so many other stars were there, and Oh my God! It was amazing! Everybody looked astonishing and I saw so many amazing performances on the stage.

Miranda Lambert performed a hot version of the song “Pink Sunglasses”. The blonde was beautiful on the stage in a black dress and a colorful makeup. The America’s sweetheart and the CMT’s favorite, Carrie Underwood, won an awards, making history with 17 awards over the years.  You can check out Miranda Lambert’s performance right here.

Hollywood had fun too

Ashton Kutcher was on the stage as a presenter, Nicole Kidman supported Keith Urban, and she looked great in a black dress, Jada Pinkett-Smith was a presenter, going on the stage in a beautiful pink dress and Katherine Heigl brightened the red carpet in a chiffon dress.

Crazy collaborations night

CMT is known for creating fascinating shows on the stage, so we had an amazing show this year too. Among all the great performances, I also witnessed great collaborations. Peter Frampton sang with Brothers Osborne, Florida Georgia Line performed on the rooftop with The Chainsmokers “Last Day Alive”. Luke Bryan and Jason Derulo performed the version of “Want to Want Me,” with an astonishing version of Bryan’s song “Strip It Down,” a performance where Bryan played on the piano. And in the final performance I heard Lady Antebellum with the song “Earth Wind and Fire”.

I can’t forget about the funny moments with Charles Eston! He kind of roasted the celebrities and he was hilarious, I really enjoyed the moments and no one can watch that without laughing. I can only say that CMT Awards rightfully deserve the audience and its reputation as one the most important awards in country music. I totally enjoy watching the arrival of the stars at the CMT, to their amazing performances on the stage and the emotions of winning an award!

Has Grunge Died with Chris Cornell?

It’s been nearly a month since Chris Cornell passed away, a victim of his personal demons. He left behind a legacy none can match. As has been seen these past few weeks, Chris was and will continue to be held in high regard.

His first commercially successful band, Soundgarden, is considered one of the cornerstones of Grunge music. While other bands generally received more attention, more headlines, and more sales, it was Chris and Soundgarden that were always considered, especially by his contemporaries, to embody the grunge sound and what it meant.

Is Grunge Gone?

That’s a particularly difficult question to answer. As mentioned, many legends of rock and roll from Alice Cooper to Jimmy Page to Slash considered Chris to be the embodiment of the sound. Grunge has not been a kind genre to many of its leading bands. Starting with Kurt Cobain in 1994, one band after another has suffered a major loss. This has always lead to light being shone on the remaining forefathers. The opinion of many is that Eddie Vedder, Chris’s close friend, is now the only one left.

But that doesn’t really answer the question. Soundgarden broke up in 1997. In the interim, Chris formed Audioslave with former members of Rage Against the Machine. The music was amazing. But it wasn’t really grunge, more of a fusion of 70’s and 90’s rock. When Soundgarden reunited and performed their classic material, that was definitely grunge. Their new material… not so much. Eddie is still with us, and Pearl Jam was a trailblazer. But they haven’t played grunge in years.

Post-Grunge Legacy

What happened? Bands broke up. People died. Many rockstars suffer from addictions. The bands that forged a new path for music starting in ’91/’92 were mostly gone by ’97. They were a flash in the pan. But they paved the way for the widespread popularity and acceptance of a new kind of rock, a new kind of sound, a new kind of purpose. This wasn’t your parent’s glam metal ballad bands. This was rock with substance, with meaning. Beyond the apathy, cynicism (and the anti-establishment left over from punk), was actual idealism. Hope. Something for the new generation to cling to.

That legacy has managed to live on. Rock has continued to fracture like it always does. Twenty years later and there hasn’t been another revolution like grunge. But the idea that the medium can do more than stir lust and anger is what grunge taught us. Whether it died in the 90’s or died with Chris or is still alive with Eddie, that legacy will stay with us for as long as rock itself remains.