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Why Every Band Needs a Sign for a Gig

Hi everyone! This is Sid from Signs Calgary. In this article, we are going discuss the importance of a sign for a Gig. Every band, both old and new, will need to have a band logo. Without it, they will not be able to publicize their works easily. By having a band sign, you will help people remember your band – you are creating an identity. However, this shouldn’t just be an identity, just like company logos, band logos should convey messages.

As you can see, there are hundreds of different logos out there, from Facebook’s iconic “F” logo to Walmart’s popular sign to your local convenience store’s signage, logos are everywhere. If you see a silver apple logo, then you’ll immediately think about the iconic iPhone smartphone, or the popular personal computer, the MacBook.

Once you have a band logo, you’ve already established your identity. You will start gaining followers. People will print your band logo on their shirt or perhaps you can sell merchandises with your band’s logo in it such as mugs, shirts, phone case and more. This will help them to easily remember and identify you – and easily differentiate you from other bands which can possibly have the same name and genre. Well, of course, if you produce better music and songs than your rival bands, then it will certainly help you gain more following and in turn, will increase your band’s popularity.

Now, every band needs a sign for a gig. This will be one of the main methods that you can use to increase your band’s presence and people’s awareness of your music and your group. Of course, a sign shouldn’t just contain a band’s logo, it should be properly designed to be able to reflect the type of music the band plays.

One of the most important things on a gig sign is the color and the font used. The font should be the same as what was used in the band’s logo. But it doesn’t have to be perfectly similar, it can be close in terms of appearance. Next thing is the background design. For a pop band, it might incorporate light-hearted stuff, while for a heavy metal band, it’ll compose of macho or brutal design.

Anyways, you need a gig sign to:

  • Increase exposure – passersby that see your gig sign might get interested and look you up on YouTube – if you have videos there.
  • Familiarize people with your band – band logos are part of a band’s identity.
  • Convey a message – if you collect CDs or stream music from services like Spotify, the band logo almost always easily tells you about the kind of music they do.
  • Leave an impression – a well-crafted gig sign will leave a lasting impression and people might even take pictures of themselves with your gig sign.
  • Shows professionalism – just by having a gig sign shows people that you are serious about establishing your band.

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